Pinakamasaya Ang Summer SA BATANGAS!!

Adventure Tourism

Thirsty for adventure? Look no further! Batangas has a lot to offer! ALL HERE. SO NEAR.

Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office Summer Campaign 2013 “Pinakamasaya ang Summer sa Batangas”


– A trip to Batangas is always promising, even more so during the summer. Batangas is perfect for an outing with family, friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, friends of friends, family and friends, family and relatives and friends, classmates, officemates, old classmates, batchmates, former officemates, soulmates, the stampede can go on and on! So don’t you dare get left behind! Hangga’t kaya pa ng jeep! Sakay na!

WIND, WATER, SUMMER (location: Aqua World Beach Resort)

– Apart from summer outings, Batangas is also a terrific destination for watersports. The municipality of Mabini has a great spot for windsurfing, which is home to some of the country’s best windsurfers. Even beginners can enjoy windsurfing here, with coaching from the pros. You can even be that big guy on a kiddie surfboard!

RAKRAKAN SA BEACH (location: Acua Verde)

– Batangas is a haven for beach-goers—men and women, young and old—anyone who’s up to having loads of summer fun. Here in Batangas, summer just rocks. And the best thing about it? It’s so near! You can frolic on the beach, bury people in the sand, play some beach volley, go swimming and sunbathing, enjoy a cocktail, flaunt your beachwear, take some nice photos—in no time at all!

Street Dance and Float Parade | Ala Eh! Festival 2011

The Street Dance and Float Parade made the Ala Eh! Festival 2011 celebration a jovial and festive one!