batangas beaches

For further information about these beaches, contact the local tourism officers by clicking the links of the municipalities.


The beaches of Calatagan are popular among ManileƱo weekenders. The Calatagan peninsula lies between the South China Sea and Balayan Bay, the reason why this town is among the top destinations of beach bums.

Travel time takes you three hours from Manila. Beach resorts in Calatagan offer interesting things such as wakeboarding (in Lago de Oro), spa services (in Golden Sunset Resort and Spa), snorkeling, diving, and access to Cape Santiago lighthouse.


Lemery is known for its fine black sand which some people find therapeutic. Beach resorts are abound in Brgy. Nonong Casto. Aside from Nasugbu, the shoreline of Lemery is also a chosen destination of skimboarders.


The Municipality of Lian cradles Matabungkay beach, the one that first became a popular vacation destination for well-heeled people in and out of Batangas. The creamy white sand of Matabungkay and the colorful balsas (bamboo beach rafts) are just two of the reasons why this beach remains to be a preferred destination for summer getaways.

Lian still has another another beach less popular than Matabungkay but offers a five-kilometer stretch of brown sand – San Diego beach.


Beaches in Lobo may not be as prominent as the other beaches in the province but if you opt for a vacation by the sea and under the sun without a huge crowd, head to Lobo and discover its clear waters.

One can reach the Lobo’s beaches through the barangays of Fabrica, Malabrigo, Sawang, Soloc, Banalo, Biga, and Olo-olo. If you are fond of fine white sand, the shoreline of Bgry. Fabrica will give you that.


The Municipality of Mabini is situated on the Calumpang Peninsula. Its most prominent barangay is Anilao because of its diving and snorkeling sites. Local and foreign divers frequent Anilao’s world-class dive spots, making it one of the country’s top destinations for underwater splendor.


This first-class municipality on the western tip of Batangas boasts of a stunning coastline. Nasugbu is home to the charming Natipuan Beach, Tali Beach, Kawayan Cove, Twin Islands, and Fortune Islands.

Natipuan Beach is where most beachgoers flock. This is where Terrazas de Punta Fuego and Munting Buhangin Beach Camp are located. Tali Beach is ‘quieter’ than Natipuan as beach resorts here are privately owned. Kawayan Cove is perfect for families while Twin Islands and Fortune Island are top choices for brief treks and camping, and for diving and snorkeling respectively.


In the recent decade, San Juan emerged to be among the top summer destinations in Southern Luzon primarily because of the resorts that were developed along the shorelines of Laiya and Barrio Hugom.

The long stretch of off-white to fairer sand and the clean water of the beach attract people to this southernmost part of Batangas. World-class resorts can be found in Laiya and Hugom. One just have to be patient in finding the best deals as there are quite a number to choose from.


The beauty of the beaches of Tingloy is the kind that’s straightforward and perpetual. If small treks that end up to the beach is your idea of a good adventure and perfect getaway, Tingloy is the place to be at.

The white sand beaches and the rugged mountains complement each other, making Tingloy an all-around wonder to experience.