Cultural and Heritage Sites

Historically speaking, Batangas has an interesting background as the province is home to a number of important people that played a huge part in colorful history of the Philippines.

Alongside the stories of courage and patriotism of Batangueños from the ancient years, some structures and memorabilia that reflect the culture of the locals from way back were preserved to let the generation of today stir in some awareness and appreciation in the glorified heritage bequeathed to them.

If you would like to explore this fascinating sites, click the link of the city or municipality they’re located at to contact their respective tourism officers.

♦ Casa de Segunda (Lipa City)
♦ Mabini Shrine (Tanauan City)
♦ Malabrigo Lighthouse (Lobo)
♦ Leon Apacible Historical Landmark (Taal)
♦ Taal Heritage Village (Taal)

Taal Heritage Village is one of the most well-preserved Spanish colonial towns in the country. Scattered around the towns are dozens of ancestral homes, old school buildings, and other heritage structures.