Beach Trips are More Fun in Batangas

Driving around for two hours or more could be exhausting for most of us. But if your end point is somewhere remote yet astonishingly picture-perfect, what’s there to whine for?

Admit it or not, most of the must-see destinations in the country lie on its regal coastline or in the most far flung areas like hidden treasures on a jungle.

It is a known fact that Batangas is a prominent summer destination because of its numerous beaches. Getting to these beaches may be quite a journey on the road but it only heightens the thrill, don’t you think?

Like on your way to Laiya or Hugom in San Juan. Yes, it’s quite a drive on your way to the beach but your eyes will be treated with verdant fields and mountain ranges along the highway.

The same goes on driving to Calatagan and Nasugbu. The hours spent on road going to the beaches in these towns are incomparable to the hours you usually spend on your way to work. Definitely.

Accommodation is on top of priority list when you go on a beach trip. Beach resorts in San Juan are so varied you would not run out of choices. Whatever budget you have for accommodation, you will find a place here.

Beach activities are also essential items on the beach trip checklist. You need more than a daycation to enjoy all the activities lined up for you.

Take Nasugbu as a perfect example. The reasons why a beach trip to Nasugbu can be fun can go from three to many. If you choose to just bum around the beach, you will be enveloped by the calming sound of the waves crashing on the shore as the sun beams above gleefully.

What else can make a beach vacation here undeniably fun? Snorkeling, diving, island hopping, kayaking, skimboarding, and even a short camp on the islands!

Another tip, if you are up for a daycation in Calatagan or Nasugbu, make sure to catch the sunset here. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.

Beach trip? Oh yes, it’s more fun in Batangas!

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