Food Trips

If you are fond of travelling, whether for work or for leisure, you may be too familiar with the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. And when it comes to this page you are currently in, when Batangas, eat what Batangueños eat.

Batangas is not only known for its kapeng barako. We also have what we can call our culinary gems which you should try when you visit Batangas.

lomi batangasLOMI

This noodle dish was brought and shared to the Lipeños by Chinese native, To King Eng, during the late 1960s. It is his family who established Lomi King and the first lomi house, Lipa City Panciteria.

Best eaten when hot, lomi is the most popular comfort food among Batangueños, paired with a piece of bun and your choice of soda. Want to try lomi at home? Here’s the procedure in cooking lomi.

bulalo batangasBULALO

Because we have the Cattle Trading Capital of the Philippines, Padre Garcia, it is not a surprise that we are home to one of the popular beef dishes in the country, bulalo.

Some people call it soup but not the typical soup you would have as appetizer as bulalo is being served as the main course in local restaurants. What’s in a bowl of bulalo? You have there beef shanks, bone marrow, and vegetables such as cabbage, potato, string beans, pechay, and corn.

Rose and Grace in Sto. Tomas and Kainan sa Dalampasigan are two of the popular restaurants in the province that serve the best Batangas bulalo.

goto batangasGOTO

Another beef soup but this time, it’s not the shank and the marrow taking the spotlight. Gotong Batangas is made of tripes (stomach lining) of cattle plus other innards you can barely think of. Not usually served with rice but of course if you’re Pinoy, you’d get that for extra carbs!

Tip, don’t forget to ask for chopped onions, calamansi, and chili for extra flavor.

maliputo batangasMALIPUTO

Freshwater fish Caranx ignobilis or maliputo can be found only in Taal Lake. Its firm flesh makes it enticing for Batangueños to try cooking it in different ways, most often sinigang or simply steamed.

tawilis batangasTAWILIS

Sardinella tawilis is another specie which originated in Taal Lake. Whether you serve it inihaw, sinaing, or you crispy-fry it, tawilis is something you should not miss when you dine in Batangas. Oh, check out other ways on how to cook tawilis. Yummy!


Surely, caldereta is among the favorite dishes of Filipinos and you might wonder what’s the difference of the one cooked in Batangas with the one Pinoys usually know.

It’s basically the tenderness of the beef and the tasty, creamy sauce credited to loads of garlic and onion and the flavor produced by the combination of butter or margarine, liver spread, and cheese!

adobo sa dilawADOBO SA DILAW

It’s adobo cooked the usual way but with turmeric or luyang dilaw.