Nature Tripping

Experience Batangas outdoor and you will realize how blessed of a province it is. If you’ve had enough of the beaches and other recreational destinations in the province, dare to get extra adventurous and explore Batangas, wild and free.


Taal Volcano Crater — This will give you the total adventure – from the boat ride to the Volcano Island, to your trek up to the crater, and then back. You can trace the trail to the crater by foot or for that “turista” experience, hop on for a horseback ride.

The crater of Taal Volcano will give you an impressive spectacle of Batangas below — an experience that is both moving and exhilarating.

Mt. Maculot — One of the popular destinations for mountaineers, Mt. Maculot in Cuenca is known for its steepness. The summit of Mt. Maculot has an altitude of 930 MASL (meters above sea level) while the Rockies is 706 MASL.

Mt. Maculot gets most foot traffic during the Holy Week where mountaineers camp out and day trippers find their way to the grotto.

Mt. Batulao — Another preferred destination for a day hike, Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu will give you another view of Batangas from the top (altitude: 811 MASL). Pointed out as providing a good climb for beginners, Mt. Batulao also became popular because it can be accessed easily from Manila.

Mt. Talamitam — As this is also located in Nasugbu, you can hike Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Batulao for one day.

Mt. Banoi — This is located in Lobo and at the peak, your eyes can marvel at the entire town, Batangas City, and Verde Island. Another mountain you can climb in Lobo is Mt. Tilos.

Mt. Manabu — This mountain in Sto. Tomas is considered the easiest mountain to access from Manila. Manabu is abbreviated term for “mataas na bundok”.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy — Anilao in Mabini is a haven for people who love exploring great outdoor adventures. This is not just a destination for divers but for mountaineers as well. Mt. Gulugod Baboy will offer you a magnificent view like no other.

Mt. Daguldol — This coastal mountain can be found in Barrio Hugom, San Juan. If you’ve had enough of the beach, then take a climb for another version of refreshing.


Ilijan Falls — The water from the top of the mountain graciously flows down to seven reservoirs arranged like staircases. Ilijan Falls is situated in Batangas City.

Bulalacao Falls — Three small falls enfolded by a canyon, located in Brgy. Bulaklakan, Lipa City.

Tingga Falls — The falls is 30 feet high and the water from the top gushes down to the base that appears like a swimming pool. Tingga Falls can be found in Daang Ibaan, Batangas City.

Calejon Falls — There are actually three falls that consist Calejon – the bigger of the two others is 10 feet high that produces great volume of water; one of the two smaller falls acts like a shower while the other one is where a series of small torrents of water flows from. To learn more, contact the tourism officer of Malvar.

Sepok Point — Situated on the southwestern part of Maricaban Island is one of the must-see spots of Tingloy because of the white sand that matches the clear blue water.

Submarine Garden — This is located in Lobo. The Submarine Garden features living corals and is perpetually protected by the local government.